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The 7 Pleats of the Hakamas stand for:

Yuki - Courage, valour, bravery
Jin - Humility, charity, benevolence
Gi - Justice, righteousness, integrity
Rei - Etiquette, courtesy, civility, respect
Makoto - Sincerity, honesty, reality
Chugi - Loyalty, fidelity, devotion
Meiyo - Honour, dignity, prestige​

It is with my deepest wish for world peace that I hope others can begin to see and experience the Clear Light, Unconditional Love and Courage of the Universe too by sincerely studying and practicing the exercises Shirata Sensei explained in his tale of the young warrior.

Sitting on a calm lake
in a boat that drifts and flows
The Light of Heaven
shines clearly to the bottom of the lake
then in all directions
bathing everything in Light

The Universe (God in Christian terms) is our Light

A special thanks to Professor John Stevens Sensei for teaching Aikido all over the world with harmony, clarity and Light so that people can study and practice wherever they are.
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